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CDT100 Chest Drain Trainer


The Chest Drain Trainer is one of our best selling simulators combining tactile soft tissue within a practical and durable hard styrene casing.
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This model is suitable for the following;
1.Identification of anatomical landmarks.
2.Surgical incisions through simulated soft tissue, dissection practice.
3. Complete finger rotation. 4.Realistic relief of tension pneumothorax between ribs.
6.The Seldinger technique.One of the commonest procedures in thoracic trauma is drainage of the pleural space by means of a chest tube. Although in itself this procedure is relatively simple, complications can arise and deaths still occur.
The Pharmabotics Chest Drain Trainer is an invaluable tool on which to practice this procedure.
The torso simulator presents as a patient able to be placed in three positions.
On it's left side, on it's back or in an upright sitting position. The chest wall is palpably soft to touch so that the ribs can be identified beneath the surface of the skin.

In order to familiarise yourself with this model you will need approximately a square metre of available space. To open up the trainer. Place the simulator on
its back with the base facing you. There are two catches on the right-hand side. Undo the catches and open the outer casing like a book. Allow the casing to rest on the table top and lift out the chest wall. you will see it is surrounding a saddle like structure. Push the outer casings backwards to make a space. Then place the saddle on it's base. Lift the chest wall and remove completely.

You will now see fitted in the chest inner a pnuemothorax accessory and an air-bulb. The bulb is connected to the model via a long tube which should sit
in a grove cut into the styrene caseing in between the two catches.
Tighten the grub screw on the inflation bulb and pump the bulb enough times to inflate the airbag that lies within the saddle.

Below the pneumothorax accessory you will find a small box which represents the pericardiocentesis access. This box is supported and removed via a velcro backing.

It can be filled with Pharmabotics simulated bood using a syringe via the silicone tubing. To access and fill, simply remove one side of the tube insert the nosle of a syringe and fill. Re-connect the tube when filled. 120 ml is enough fluid to make access possible.
To make up the Pharmabotics simulated blood we recommend 1 part colouring x 50 parts water. It is useful to keep ready a supply of the simulated blood made up fluid in a plastic bottle if
doing this prodedure frequently.

The CDT100 Standard Chest Drain Trainer comes complete with the following parts.

CDT101 The Chest Wall with embeded Ribs.
CDT102 The Pneumothorax (Shoe Shape).
CDT103 The Pericardiocentesis (Small Sealed Box).
PSB100 Small Bottle ofPharmabotics Simulated Blood Concentrate.

There is another accessory which does not come as standard but which can be used in the model above and is purchased seperately.

CDT107 The Pleural Aspiration Kit.