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CYT101 Trauma Kit

CYT101 Trauma Kit thumb
Replacement items for the CYT100 Cricotracheotomy Trainer.
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CYT105 Replacement Skins

CYT105 Replacement Skins thumb
This is not just any Skin this is Pharmabotics skin. A unique simulated soft tissue which you are able to cut and suture.
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CYT104 White Tracheal Tubes (x4)

CYT104 White Tracheal Tubes (x4) thumb
4x Tracheal Tubes for CYT100 Cricotracheotomy Trainer
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CYT102 Tracheal Ring

CYT102 Tracheal Ring thumb
Tracheal Ring for CYT100 Cricotracheotomy Trainer. This tracheal ring simulates the cricothyroid and thyroid cartilage.
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CYT103 Neck Muscle

CYT103 Neck Muscle thumb
A simulated soft palpable Neck Muscle for CYT100 Cricotracheotomy Trainer
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Found 5 resultsPages: 1