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Lumps + Bumps Box

The Lumps and Bumps Box combines tactile quality with identifiable shapes. An ideal first trainer for identifying shapes. Good practical skills can be achieved through careful palpation and describing to the tutor what is felt.


There are three variants to be identified:
1 . A 3mm ball in a balloon simulating a mobile cyst.
2.  A l0mm ball in a balloon simulating a mobile cyst.
3.  An irregular mass of lumpy silicone.

The skin and all parts can be removed and replaced.
LBB101   Replacement skin pads and Foam
LBB102   Replacement set of lumps for LBB100




Suture Practice Skills Board

A trainer designed to be used in very simple applications for the practice of developing Suturing Skills.

The foam filled box is simple to use and can easily be replaced with new foam kits (SSB101).