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Portable Laparoscopic Trainer

Key Features

This versatile Laparoscopic Trainer offers a range of different pad combinations and provides the user with practical portability for quality presentation.

The Portable Laparoscopic Trainer is an ideal vehicle for using the MSB100 Multi-skills Board or Bessie (Red) or BTS412 (BIue) Vascular Trees.

The Portable Laparoscopic Trainer is supplied flat and only requires the user to pull the top tray upwards. Four stays provide a strong sturdy support.

To remove/replace the skin pads, lift the lid by pressing in the corners with thumbs on top. Pull/place skin over pegs and replace the lid.

PLT101   Pink Skin with lomm Fatty Layer Pad
PLT102   Black Neoprene Sheets (2 per set)
PLT103   Support Sheet for PLT101
PLT104   Transparent Skin for Daylight use
PLTIO5   Hard Carry Case with space for Laparoscopic Instruments
Dimensions: L43.5xW41.5xH8cm, 1.8kg