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Chest Drain Insertion Simulator
..can be used on Advanced Trauma Courses

The Standard Chest Drain Trainer is a unique design, combining simulated tactile soft tissue within a practical and durable plastic casing. The practice and training of clinical and surgical techniques can be realistically achieved.

Key Skills


CDT100 comes complete and ready for use.
Contents include: Chest wall, Pericardiocentesis and Pneumothorax + instructions for use. Weight 4.5kg


Optional Extra

NEW CDT107   Pleural Aspiration Effusion Kit

(This can be purchased as an optional extra to fit inside the CDT100 as shown in the photograph opposite)

Replacements Parts:    
CDT100   Chest Drain Simulator
CDT101   Replacement Chestwall
CDT102   Replacement Pneumothorax Kit
CDT103   Replacement Pericardiocentesis Kit
CDT104   Soft Carrying Case 
CDT105   Hard Carrying Case 
CDT106   Repair Kit 
CDT107   Pleural Aspiration Kit 
CDT108   Replacement Rib Set for Pleural Aspiration
CDT109   Replacement Pleural Skin 
PSB100   Simulated Blood Consentrate