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ETview Intubation Trainer

A Clear View of Airway Management Intubation Trainer Visualisation Tool for Advanced Airway Training

The ETview Intubation Trainer is the new effective way to teach endotracheal intubation. Improve understanding and clinical performance of intubation with the ETview Intubation Trainer, ETview's proprietary intubation tutoring device. Equipped with a tiny video camera at its' tip, the El-view Intubation Trainer transmits an image that can be viewed on a screen or projected for group learning.

For teaching beginners advanced airway management skills, doctors, paramedics, nurses, respiratory therapists, EMS personnel and other first responders. The El-view Intubation Trainer gives trainees a clear view of the anatomy to enhance their learning and understanding of conventional direct laryngoscopy intubation.



About the EWiew Intubation Trainer