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Dry Lab Skills Board

The Ophthalmic Skills Board was designed in cooperation with the Royal College of Ophthalmologists. Indeed it is their recommended DRYLAB trainer for practising basic skills techniques.

Squint Module; this is for practising suturing of muscles to a globe and to enable a trainee to practise suturing muscles under tension which is something that happens during squint surgery. lt also gives an idea of the placement of the sutures in the muscle and to practise things like adjustable sutures and to address the issue of the importance of the depth of suture placement in the globe with respect to avoiding injuring the deeper layers.

Replacement Items:
OSB102   Set of soft-tissue strips for suturing eyeball 
OSB103   Capsulorhexis film, 10 per set 
OSB104   Replacement eyeball
SSP001    Repl. single-sided skin

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