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Breast Cancer Examination Trainer

The Pharmabotics Breast Cancer Examination Trainer is unique in its approach to gaining critical skills in diagnosis and palpation. The skin is soft and realistic, and presents in a life- sized frame which combines modularity and practicality.


            Fluid filled cyst for aspiration and palpation
            2 palpable lumps (approx. 1cm and 1.5cm diameter)
            Infection in axillary region


BCT100 is a complete Breast Cancer Breast with 4 identifiable variants.

Replaceable Items:
BCT101   Replacement Cysts 3x fluid-filled cysts
BCT102   Replacement Outer Skin
BCT103   Replacement breast lumps only.

Set includes 1x Axilla, 2x lumps 0.5cm and 1.5cm

BCT104   Mammary Muscle
BCT104   Filling Set (export only)