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Body Torso Laparoscopic Trainer 
BTS300D with Diathermy plate

The Pharmabotics BodyTorso Simulator for laparoscope is an essential tool for modern surgical teaching. It has gained a foot hold in surgical teaching centres all over the world since its introduction in 1998.
The Boston is aimed at all levels of surgeons in training whose surgical skills necessitate extra practice. Once setup, the trainee can self-educate using his/her preferred surgical gastroscopic instrumentation for a variety of techniques.

The Body Torso Simulator..


BTS300D will work well with diathermy - a fixed metal plate can be added inside the base with outside connection when ordering, specify.

Can be prepared in advance using the BTS303 Organ Board.

The Body Torso is Iife-size and has spacious working conditions from the neck down to the pubic region.
lt measures 75 cm long x 55 wide x 25.5 high, 7kg.
BAJ100 Bowel Anastomosis jig