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Auscultation Trainer and SmartscopeTM

This simulator allows training of the auscultation of various heart and lung sounds as in a real patient. The instructor can seqed various conditions by a wireless remote control. When the student has identified the correct auscultation sites by palpating, the heartland lung sounds can be heard by using a special StethoTM  scope (Smartscope ). The simulator has 6 heart sites and 2 lung sites on the anterior and 16 lung sites on the posterior.

One remote control can operate multiple sets of Smartscopes M (see LFOIIM and manikins (see LFO1145)) simultaneously so that this simulator is also great for group instruction. Remote control works over a range of up to 30 meters. The simulator is supplied in a storage case and comes with one remote TM control and one Smartscope with single-and dual user headpieces. Operates using three ''AAA'' batteries (included). The following sounds can be auscultated:

Heart sounds:
1. Normal
2. Aortic regurgitation
3. Pulmonary stenosis
4. Mitral stenosis
5. Holosystolic
6. Mid-systolic
7. S3 Gallop
8. S4 Gallop
9. Systolic click
10. Atrial septal defect
11. PDA
12. VSD

Lung sounds:
1. Normal tracheal
2. Normal vesicular
3. Wheezes
4. Mono wheeze
5. Fine crackle
6. Coarse crackle
7. Ronchi crackle
8. Stridor
9. Cavernous
10. Bronchovesicular
11. Bronchial
12. Pulmonary edema
13. Infant
14. Friction rub
15. Egophony
16. Pectoriloquy

Options and replacements for LFO1142
LFO1144   Smartscope
LFO1145  Auscultation Trainer (body only)